Ishan Islam is the face behind Muraad. She is a

self-taught designer specializing in pebble-jewellery and accessories designing, conceptualization and production. All Muraad designs see the light of the day under her tutelage.


A graduate from St. Joseph College, Bangalore she started her career as a Communicator in 'Science Express', a Vikram A Sarabhai Institute of Science and Govt. of India's flagship project of a specialized 18-coach train promoting Science literacy in Indian youth.

She travelled across 19 states for 8 months interacting with thousands of students, parents, and teachers answering questions, busting myths and making science-based lesson plans for the visitor students. She also travelled to the remote schools to provide activity-based science education as a part of the project. She is also a student of German language and culture.


As a Pahadi herself, she found her calling in pebbles and the mountains. She mastered designing techniques suitable for river pebbles and developed a range of accessories and jewellery.

Ishan has been marching forward ever since and building Muraad as an epitome of conscious creativity.

When she is not in her workshop, she likes to do rock balancing, creating mandalas or photographing nature.

our roots-

respect nature + add value

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